Our broad range of services aim to cover many of the challenges facing start up, rapid growth and small businesses.

In addition to the below, we are able to support on areas as diverse as training, HR and media relations. Please contact us with your requirements and we can see where we can help.

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Operating & Financial Review

In our experience, inefficiencies in processes often manifest themselves in the financial performance of a business. We make this our focus of driving improvements.

Processes and ways of working evolve over time and as your business grows, it must progress operationally, ensuring your processes are scalable with the growth of your business.

We will work through your current processes highlight areas of possible improvement and offer solutions (both operational and technical) which can be implemented to help save time, costs or both.

Business Valuations

There are many reasons why a business valuation may be required.

Firstly, it allows you to understand the worth of your business and can therefore help obtain finance and attract potential investors.

It also creates a benchmark for you to measure your growth and business development.

Business valuations can also help formulate your business exit strategy or with negotiations when evaluating an offer for the sale of your business.

Business valuations are undertaken by an independently owned financial and professional services group, established for more than a century. Their aim is to help you achieve your financial ambitions, both corporate and personal. With a background in accounting and finance, tax and investments they have the necessary skills and experience to help achieve your goals.

Legal Requirements

The legal requirements on businesses can be daunting and burdensome.

As a business owner, you are responsible for your business operating within the correct legal framework; from contracts with third parties to HR and employment.

Unfortunately, there may also be times when legal representation is required for disputes, be they commercial or employment related. The need for negotiation and mediation before litigation can help prevent financial and reputation damaging consequences.

Our legal services are provided by a practice which specialises in legal support for business owners. With a wide-ranging team of in-house experts, they will take time to listen and understand your business in order to provide the best possible solutions. Where possible, there will be a fixed fee approach with no hidden costs.

Cloud Computing

An extremely broad area which has gathered pace over recent years.

In effect, it is using computing services over the internet rather than local hardware. This means there is no need for investment and maintenance of servers.

Cloud computing also allows large volumes of data to be stored securely and accessed from different locations by different individuals.

Disaster recovery also becomes less of an issue as the service provider will have an extensive and robust disaster recovery plan.

There are numerous benefits of switching to a cloud computing model.

Firstly, cost savings. Not having to maintain, upgrade and house hardware for a business will result in obvious and significant cost savings.

Secondly, the services are scalable. As your business grows, your requirements can be upgraded easily.

Additionally, with today’s mobile workforce, accessibility of documents becomes a redundant issue. This allows increased collaboration within teams regardless of their physical location.

Our partner has developed a range of services that can be implemented into your business model. They will undertake a free initial consultancy to understand your needs and requirements. This will enable a bespoke, cost-effective solution to be developed for your business.

Bespoke Management Software

As software becomes increasingly pivotal to the effective and efficient running of businesses, it has become critical to ensure that you are using the right software.

Off-the-shelf solutions are generally robust and can cover a wide range of solutions. However, they can have limitations and further development to tailor the software for your business needs is often very difficult, if not impossible.

A significant benefit is having user software which is fit-for-purpose and does not hinder business processes and activity.

Our highly experienced team have a strong track record of delivering solutions in a variety of business sectors. They can provide a solution that is tailor made to your requirements and is consistent with your growth and development plans and will continue to provide support post implementation.

Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property will have been developed through extensive creativity and research, through numerous iterations, possibly over a number of years, resulting in a unique asset which is the bedrock of your business.

Your intellectual property is your competitive advantage within the market; It’s what you have which holds you above your competitors.

The importance of protecting your intellectual property cannot be overstated highly enough.

Our Intellectual Property specialists cover all areas from copyrights and trademarks to dispute resolution. We can also help with licensing your IP to third parties.

Digital Solutions

The success, growth and development of a business can be aligned with its digital strategy.

Whether it’s a mobile app, a website or an e-commerce solution, an integrated approach can ensure your customers have a quick and seamless journey over your multiple platforms.

Additionally, the smooth running of a business is increasingly dependent on an effective digital solution.

Workforce flexibility and connectivity is an important part of the modern business. When tackled with a bespoke digital solution, management can focus on growing the business rather than managing the business.  

Our consultants provide end-to-end solutions which fit in with your current needs whilst also considering your growth and development plans. With years of experience in design and delivery, your requirements are catered for by highly skilled professionals with a passion to provide the optimum solution.

Expense Management Solutions

Mismanagement of company expenses can build up through informal processes which develop over time.

Sometimes the need to bypass business expense policies to save time can lead to loss of financial control and transparency.

The process of managing expenses can also be quite cumbersome with claim forms being completed, approvals required and transferring funds to employees.

There are a number of solutions which we can help incorporate from prepaid cards to a traditional repayment of expenses model. The solutions are based on reducing the paper trail and allowing expenses to be dealt with efficiently as possible.

FX Solutions

If your business involves the transfer or receipt of funds abroad, getting the best rates can have a material impact to your profitability.

Working with the knowledge that you have not just acquired competitive rates but your transaction is secure will give you the peace of mind to focus on your core business activity.

Our FX team make foreign exchange simple and are here to make your life simpler and easier and save you money. They can also provide you with frequent market updates to ensure you get the best rates for your transactions.